Wednesday, July 27, 2011

nature's takeaway

After the previous post about donuts, I thought I better redeem myself with a banana promotion. What great love I have for the this perfectly packaged superfood.  Recently I had the joy of picking and eating my first ever banana straight off the tree. While bananas are still peaking at $15/kg in Australia, this organic beauty was free. 

We munch and blend our way through between 100 and 130 bananas each week. They are home delivered from nearby gardens, and we pay around 10c each.  The locals think we are totally insane. They believe you can only feel full if you eat rice. They have never drank a blender full of frozen banana and cacao smoothie.

My current favourite snack and tea accompaniment is sliced banana with lemon juice and a few dates.  Eating banana with a fork elevates it from banal to dainty.  Or so I like to tell myself. 

Banana enjoyed whilst flicking the inspiring pages of My Heart Wanders, by Pia Jane Bijkerk.
Thank you Linda. xx

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