Friday, July 22, 2011

tea with friends

Tom is out in the greenroom office, but that doesn't mean I am sitting at home lonely. I have our faithful four legged companions watching my every move as I sit with my cup of tea, banana and notebook.  They know they are not allowed in the house, but like to sneak their hooves up on the step for a better look.  Bo Peep is now one year old and growing into a strong lad with the help of our scraps. As his baby bleets are becoming deeper and his tiny horns longer, we have given him the manly name Tex. 

Their bond is remarkable, and while Tex is as big as his mum, he doesn't like to stray too far and will snuggle and groom her, and use her as a pillow for a midday nap. Being the rambunctious child, he also head butts  her when the banana skin doesn't go his way, which is only going to lead to tears when she shows him the gate.

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