Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back from where i've been

Home again after a two week stint in Bali and relieved to be free from the hideous traffic, pollution and noise of Seminyak. Despite my best intention, I always seem to end up there as it is convenient for stocking up on supplies before I return to island isolation. The coffee isn't bad either.  For the last two nights our hotel was opposite a three storey building site where work continued until 11pm, followed by all night horn beeping and motorbike revving.  The majority of Bali holidaymakers are only just warming up around 10pm, so wouldn’t even notice, but for this koala it was torture.

Tom’s parents are here for their first visit. Our days are full of cultural outings, nature walks, swimming and Feldenkrais, with Tom putting his dad to work on outstanding projects. Today we have a fierce scrabble tournament on the go. Tom's in the lead, with me sniffing a close second.

For photos from my trip to Bali, and to see where I laze about in my resort manager's bikini, visit Treacle for Stickybeaks here, here and here.

I'll leave you with a Bingin barrel, taken from the pool at Mick's Place.

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  1. I bet you're happy to be back in your own swimming pool. Enjoy the company. See you in October X


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