Thursday, August 25, 2011

a helping hand

Tom's parents are visiting, and what better time to attack the list of handyman projects when there is willing, able and free labour.  Tom inherited more than half his hummingbird genes from dad and together they are a formidable team.  I'm on hand as tea lady and chef, keeping their energy levels sustained for peak performance. Mum is an excellent supervisor. 

The first job was to build removable panels to close the front of the house when we leave. Previously we have used a large tarp, which is time consuming and insecure. The new shutters are light, easy to handle and can be pinned in place the night before we depart. 

Dad has rewired the dining room light with a temporary "Mad Max" installation and chiseled a wedge to keep the fridge door closed.  Today's manoeuvre is a locking system for the bedroom front shutter and  the addition of cross bracing in the roof so we can remove the upright posts.  

At the end of the day, there is time for a quick nap before a well earned cold beer.

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  1. Enjoying reading your posts and the opportunity for escapism into your world. Looks like a peaceful life. x


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