Tuesday, August 2, 2011

moving to a different beet

You are seeing the first ever beetroot to appear at our weekly market. The seeds were given to a local lady by a keen expat gardener, and we are reaping the rewards in our lunch. I made a simple salad with grated beetroot and carrot, lemon juice and cumin seeds.  I would normally add juicy raisins, but alas the cupboard is bare and the closest shop stocking such exotic imports is a day's travel away.

Swell has picked up and there are double over head sets pushing through.  For those of you far more interested in barrels than beetroot, I will hopefully have some action shots to share in the next couple of days. That is providing Aquaman and his mates put on a decent show. I don't shoot kooks.

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  1. yum. yum. yum!! i have to try cumin seeds on my next salad. yes!! xo


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