Saturday, August 6, 2011

who are all these people?

Less than a day in Bali and I have almost killed myself with two lattes, carbon monoxide poisoning and the shock of an internet connection that doesn't require me to read half a book between clicks.  Here for a couple of weeks to manage Mick's Place in Bingin - my second stint after a successful trial run in December - and to escort the in-laws on their first visit to our island home.  It is clear that I am not the only one with a desire to be in Bali. After three months of village life and quiet nights with a green smoothie, a book and my husband, the crowds, noise, traffic and sensory stimulation is freaking me out.  Is there an official name for a fear of traffic jams?


  1. PLease don't kill yourself with too many lattes...i want to hang out in September with you!

    I will let you know about a name for a fear of traffic jams once we immerse ourselves in it for a while...i am sure there will be a good name there or one from Hal!

  2. Enjoy the change of life and the coffee's. Good luck to you.


thanks for taking the time

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