Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sunday sinners

My laptop was stolen from my desk on Sunday night, less than 15 metres from where we were eating dinner under the stars.  All lights were on and the bamboo blinds down, yet they had the balls to jump the six foot rock wall and sneak in silently.   The locals refer to a thief as “a rat with two legs." How I wish I had had a  dirty big trap set. We are so diligent with security, never leaving the house without all electronic equipment locked away.  More than the loss of the laptop is the sadness I feel over the opportunistic invasion while we were within sight.
I am floundering with the loss of my organised folders, words and pictures.  Anything pre-April is backed up in Australia, and most of this season’s photos are saved on Tom’s computer, but little things - lists, quotes, articles, and hundreds of resized images - disappeared into the night. 

My constant mantra for the past 48 hours has been :

And thus I let go of unpleasant feelings, and do not stir up new ones.
Therefore the process of life goes on, 
Blameless, at ease, and in peace.



thanks for taking the time

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