Monday, November 21, 2011

another rock in the wall

Part of our back fence took a tumble while we were on our visa run. It is only dry stone with a concrete capping, so is vulnerable to Humpty Dumpty moments. We rallied the rock monkeys for a days work before the whole thing fell down.  The foreman said they would start at 8am, but they turned up keen to start at 6.45am -  who knew rubber time works in both directions?

The team endured the morning heat with constant chip and chat. They used the public path as the cement mixing zone and added a token course of mud through the middle of the wall to add strength.  Lunch was a few little fish cooked whole over the open fire, a cigarette and a glass of water. 

The team boss is Pak Lance, a jovial and avuncular character who maintains his svelte figure climbing by lontar palms and chewing betel nut in between meagre meals.  He offers a sideline in "sports massage" which includes free exfoliation from his hard working hands.  Check out his amazing curved feet in the next post.


  1. Oh Pak Lance the magic man who cured 2 wee sick ones if mine!!! classic features especially those feet hey Sal! I too took a photo of them and put it on instagram. I bet he is baffled by these foreigners who take photos if his feet! Happy days to you, enjoy the rubber time while it lasts...either direction. X

  2. Hey Sally about the pitch to mag.... absolutely why not have a try with them as they are interested in Aussies doing different "stuff" around the world, take some happy snaps of your cool beach shack and them in and see what happens see what happens.
    Carla x


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