Sunday, November 13, 2011

the barefoot studio

Aquaman's been splashing around paint rather than water of late. Surf conditions have been pitiful, but not unexpected for this time of the year.  When a small bump in swell arrived yesterday the southerly blew the bejesus out of it.  Doesn't bother this little mermaid, as my lagoon activities are unaffected by the capricious breeze.

I've been doing my own bit of arty farty carry-on in my studio.  I put together a driftwood "mosaic" and have started on a "busroll'.  To protect my desk from paint, I'm using one of only two newspapers to arrive this year, and have caught up on the Arab revolt and the all ordinaries index from June.  Plenty of aspiration without expectation, with time for tea, cake and friends in between. The decoration of our only solid wall is complete; must be time to extend.

Sasha from Mick's Place, me & Karen

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  1. I love that mosaic. Thanks for cake and tea that was lovely. Will miss you hugely. How was the rain? X


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