Sunday, November 6, 2011

roof maintenance

Our roof is almost seven years old and holding up well except for a few holes along the hip ridges and loose tin along the apex. Before we dissappear for the wet season we thought we'd get the boys together and secure the roof against the onslaught.

It isn't the climate for a sunroof, and with the ridges removed, I was in danger of getting sunburnt at the sink.  Fine leaf matter rained down onto every surface, and the house once again regressed to a building site.  We struck up a contract price for the work that included coffee and lunch for two days. I was the morning tea lady and cook, while Tom drove the broom and mop to provide a clean working space in the kitchen. I  let the boys add their own sugar to their coffee (at least three teaspoons), and while I fed them up with  a variety of vegetables, they stealthily added a hunk of boiled fatty pork they had received as payment for helping a mate move his boat.  I'm not sure where it was hiding all morning and didn't dare ask.

Eli (seated above right) was our original roof builder and smiling Dens (below right) made our furniture and front stairs.  Along with their cousin Yos, they are a crack team, having completed the equivalent of an Australian standard apprenticeship under the tutelage of our neighbour Colin.  Over a three season marathon they helped Colin build his house and learned valuable skills, including English, that they can take to new projects.  They have acquired motorbikes, sunglasses, shoes, and their own home improvements, still Eli professes his desire to return to the simple life of a fisherman. Stress free.

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