Wednesday, November 2, 2011

waiting for rain

seaweed strung out to dry ; descending the last tree for the day ; leaves prevent the juice from boiling over
Rivulets of sweat dribble down my chest even when motionless.  Multiple showers and swims provide respite, and we gravitate to doorways to catch the breeze.  The wind is still offshore, the ocean is flat and the sky is a veil of blue.  The wet season is yet to arrive; humidity is building, but the appearance of clouds is only a tease. We are placed better than most to feel the relief of a momentary onshore, but we all slow down when stillness prevails. The ground is thirsty and dusty, and the goats are hungry. Mangoes have finished for another year, but sweet juice still flows from the lontar. We were away for a while, then struck down with internet complications, so it's is time for another village walk to reaquaint with the back tracks.

family graves ; nana nella babysitting ; place of rest ; watering the spring onion crop

lontar leaf gateway ; afternoon water haul ; shallot harvest ; capok pods

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  1. Sally, I am it total awe over your patience and perseverance. Just knowing how long it must have taken you to upload the photo's to this blog entry. Stunningly beautiful photo's. We're in for some pretty hot days now with the tides being all wrong for your swimming pool out the front and the days just seem to get more and more humid. X


thanks for taking the time

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