Friday, December 2, 2011

late lunch

Afternoon tea and lunch are often rolled into one, as our meal times revolve around hunger and surf rather than clock time.  Our caloric intake so far today has come out of the blender, starting with a thick green smoothie that included ten frozen mangoes, half a papaya and four bananas.  Today I'm alone at the table as Aquaman is off playing in the rollers. To score offshore and head high this late in the season is a real unexpected gift. 
I suppose you are expecting a photo of the wave, and what do you get but a picture of my one bowl wonder lunch.  Dont' pretend you aren't excited by the alfalfa sprouts.  I wanted to show off the beautiful ceramic bowl from Dayana in Bali, and my new coasters made from vintage kimonos that were a gift from Little Bamboo.

1 comment:

  1. Love the coasters. Would've def joined you for that lunch it looks yummy and you have me dreaming of mangoes now. (Better go up to the shop and get some) :-)


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