Friday, December 16, 2011

on the job

This is Aquaman's serious architect face. As you can see, he dressed up for the photo in his two piece suit. Thongs and boardies.  Contemplating the present moment in the doorway of the winged pod.

Here he is giving a few pointers on how to hang tin shutters.The race is on to get projects finished or as close as possible before we return to Australia. Leaving the final details in the hands of the foreman is perilous as they have a tendency to do things their own way, which is rarely the way Tom has specified.  Can't be bothered rendering a wall in white cement? We'll just slap some white paint on instead, he won't notice the difference.  Don't feel like digging a trench for the pipes? A pile of rocks over the top should do. 

While some people start to look like their pets, Tom is beginning to look like his buildings.

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