Sunday, March 18, 2012

the shut down

In preparation for our departure, we close up the house with sheets of corrugated iron and shutters that Tom and his dad made. Each sheet is numbered to ensure the tech screws line up with the holes drilled in the timber frame.  Aquaman added a few prize words of reflection in between numbering.  The result is a solid box with spunk.

Our final night - salad on the "dining room" floor.  
The latest report from our neighbour is that Tropical Cyclone Lua (passed over the WA coast last night) initiated a swell that surged to our rock wall.  You on it?

Looking somewhat like brother and sister, the wild blonde hair, tan and vague blissful gazes are testament to another long season in the oceanic elements (the following day in Bali we gave the hairdresser free range to transform us for our homecoming).   There was time for a green smoothie and word game before packing away the blender and closing the door behind us.  We will be back in seven weeks for season 2012.  I hope you can join us.  Sampai jumpa lagi. 

In between now and then I can be found creating words & pictures here and here

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