Friday, June 8, 2012

chai with leo

I lugged a couple of litres of soya milk from Bali and rationed them for chai.  Soya beans aren't available on the island, and must be shipped from the mainland to make tempeh and tofu. There is a very similar bean grown locally over the wet season that I mistook for soy and tried in vain to make milk with disastrous curdled results.  I tried three different methods, even sprouting the beans first to make a raw soya milk. Let me tell you, do not try this at home.  It was so wrong, and turned into a weird lumpy custard when heated. 

For a couple of sweet mornings we sat down mid-morning for a spicy brew and a slab of sesame power bar from the market. To accompany our cuppa I read the latest inspiring blog post from Leo Babauta, the writer of Zen Habits.

His post "How to Live Well" parallels our tenets, and the truth that you can live well with little. 

Little things include these mugs from Bill Meiklejohn at Willyabrup Dreaming Pottery, one of the artists I interviewed over summer for my upcoming book... A handmade connection to our Australian home and designed to keep your chai hot for longer. 

"He who is contacted is rich" Lao Tzu

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  1. Hi Sally,

    Missed you this year and hope you have returned safely to the islands. I absolutely love the blog postings and am looking forward to your return

    By the way, can you send me Aquaman's email addres? I have a business question to ask.




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