Sunday, August 5, 2012

double overhead

When I look up from my screen, the high tide is an aqua sheet over the lagoon bed and the waves are cracking the horizon. Double overhead down the line, light offshore, water 22 degrees, air temp a very pleasant 28, with enough humidity to keep my skin from cracking and condense water on the outside of a cold smoothie glass, but not enough to induce perspiration. Homeostatically perfect. Aquaman is in the office on his 6'8" board. It should be a good giggle session and there will be plenty of happy water boys in the camp tonight. 

Now to more important topics, like running water. Having progressed over the years from a bucket in the well to a tank, pump and taps, we never take this precious commodity for granted. Almost everything we do regularly requires more than a few drops - wash the dishes, brush our teeth, water the garden, boil the kettle, paint a picture, wash the floor, blend a smoothie…without it I might as well read a book and sleep until it is reconnected. All it takes is an insensible shovel blow to the pipe (trust me, I only did this once) and it is back to the bucket. Until one of the rotten posts holding up the tank stand falls down and pierces a hole in the bucket, then it is a very dry argument, dear Liza, dear Liza. 

The architecturally designed steel and timber tank stand is set to become a tourist attraction, and is receiving positive feedback from the locals. Going to the toilet is no longer a death risk, and the push button flusher is one step closer to reality. Then we'll really be sitting in style. 

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