Friday, August 3, 2012

goodbye pizza, hello papaya

After a six week stint of macchiato, vegan pizza and art study in Italy, I am back on the beach with my toes wiggling happily in the sand and my arms rejoicing the daily lagoon swims.  If you don't already, you can follow my Italian journey, and other off-island activities on my Treacle blog here.  Good for those times when you are overcome with my palm tree gazing activities or Aquaman's barrel riding prestige. 

It was a long haul from Madrid via Hong Kong and Jakarta to the City of Dreams, where I was able to catch a few horizontal hours sleep before the ferry ride home to my hubby. What a blissful moment.  He was very patient with my first three days of travel stories and nightly slide shows. Now I'm back in the groove of the simple life with updates to share from the latest island activities, so blend up a green smoothie or pack the moka pot, it's blog time. 

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