Wednesday, August 29, 2012

island outings

While the McParents were here we took the opportunity to team up with our friends, Colin and Linda, and scout the back roads to the bays and beaches beyond our own.  The mid morning point of each outing was marked with a thermos of tea and a vegan treat beneath a shady tree. One can not explore new frontiers and gather priceless driftwood treasures on water alone. 

Vehicles are a novelty in these parts, and the roads are a killer on a scooter, so the offer of a bounce around in the back of Colin and Linda's ute is always welcome.  Plenty of fresh air, free solarium and unimpaired views. However a 4WD she isn't, and the wheels aren't much bigger than a lawnmower.  Despite our best efforts at road maintenance, three failed attempts to mount the final hill saw us backtrack home. 

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  1. Ah!!! the trusty Zebra truck with wheels no bigger than a lawn mower! Looks like you all had a wonderful outing. Beautiful photos Sal. So lovely seeing my folks here....must have been a funny joke with Mrs McParent and Ibu Linda! X


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