Tuesday, October 23, 2012

island interior style

Alaia wooden surfboard shaped by Aquaman last summer : see the process here.

Busroll painted by me : I love original busrolls, and although they have become an overused design item, now printed on tea towels with your choice of destinations, the sheer irony that we could ever have a bus with an actual timetable was enough to paint one of my own. 

Sunburst mirror by me : driftwood on ply, made back here

A changing collection of beach love. Plate from Jengalla ceramics outlet, Bali. Antique doily from the op shop in Busselton.

Striped cushion cover made from a tea towel that I burnt a hole in, screenprinted with a teak leaf design and machine stitched. Grey paisley cover from Haveli Interiors, Bali.

Welcome sign found on the road side, tossed into the bush after a village dispute over boundaries.

Moka pot and coffee tin from Venice.

Ceramics from Dayana, Bali

Timber mozaic by me, made from canoe pieces.

Meditation seat beside a collection of beach finds.

Bolster cushion cover screen printed and quilted by me over a few art society afternoons.

Mosaics I made from broken tiles found on the beach, stuck onto driftwood.

Silver boxes (my favourite storage) from Bali.

Hand printed card by Saraswati Papers, Ubud, stuck onto driftwood. Small dish from Jengalla, Bali.

Ceramic butterfly from Erice, Sicily, beside a Balinese hand painted offering box. Painting in the background by Tom.  Kerosene lamp (for regular blackouts) from the local shop.

Assorted photos and cards on my studio peg board.

There is always a creative project on the go in our beach house. Almost all of the furniture and decoration is made by us, or local craftsmen, using found materials and native timber.  Any item brought in from Bali or Australia requires careful consideration to pass the "do I really want to lug this" test.  The closest shop stocking any kind of furniture is over an hour away and specialises in plastic everything, while the nearest Ikea is on the next continent. It is rewarding to create a space that reflects our creativity and life on the island, and we value the time and peace we have to engage in play and artistry. The only challenge exists between our varying desires for minimalism and ornamentation. Tom has told me the new shed is out of bounds for doilies.  

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  1. I came to you through expat blog and I love your photography! They are so beautiful. Your island interior style is very lovely.


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