Tuesday, October 16, 2012

our baby, sumba

Sumba was brought to us as a one day old orphan and his tiny body was barely bigger than Tom's hand. He was uncertain on his legs and tripped over his umbilical cord. Now, four weeks later, he is a strong, bounding bundle of loveable joy. Aside from frequent peeing on the floor, he is the perfect baby. Sleeps through the night, doesn't cry, and takes himself off to bed after the last bottle of the day.  He adores his dadda and follows close to his heels on adventures beyond the compound. The two of them can often be found bonding in the new shed, with Sumba chewing the electrical cords and the bottom of Tom's board shorts. 

He is developing his innate manliness by head butting the aloe or a loose tea towel, and provides hours of entertainment performing agile leaps over the furniture. To show he isn't all balls and brawn, he is generous with butterfly kisses, and is proving his intellectual aptitude with an interest in board games.  My dad has high hopes it might ignite some deep and hidden maternal desire for a two legged baby. 

Dream on. 

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