Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tea on the beach

It is 35 in the shade and humidity is pushing my tolerance levels, however as the British Raj demonstrated, that is no reason to pack away the teapot. With the kitchen only metres from the water, I can take all of my paraphernalia to a shady spot and catch the sea breeze. A swim or three in between blog posts and I’ve earned a nap. 

Sumba and I are home alone, with Aquaman doing a quick Singapore run to renew his visa. I have a new appreciation for the daily challenges a single mum must face, and I’ve only got a bleeting goat that misses his dad.  My current challenge is convincing him how delicious fruit and vegetables are, and that he should try chewing them rather than the plate they are on.  There will not be photographic evidence of me on all fours eating carrot stalks.  


  1. Sumba is the born poser, just look at him. Miss you! Enjoy the late season X

  2. Tell me Sumba doesn't have a passion for sleeping on the end of your bed?? He is so sweet, Happy belated Birthday wishes looks like you had a great day/week Carla x

    1. That was his first and last fun on the bed; he is banned from the bedroom after tearing four holes in the mozzie net.


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