Monday, January 7, 2013

flush and store: the new pavilion

Our humble shack has rocketed up the star rating with completion of the new pavilion. This tin clad beauty of Australian aesthetics features a undercover push button flush toilet with a door, a tap with running water into a sink, and a walk-in dust proof board room.  All tied down to a waterproofed slab with a proud fly roof. Going to the toilet is no longer a death risk.  The old toilet area is being removed and relocated to a local's house up the road. If he can dig it out, he can have it.  

Aquaman crafted the sink and bench from concrete, using our biggest stainless steel salad bowl as a form. The surface was polished by hand with diamond pads, then finished with  a layer of savon noir (an olive hull exract).  I made the light fittings from an enamel bowl and giant mug I found at the markets. The pavilion creates a courtyard between my studio and the garden, and the love seat has been moved and offers a private spot to catch morning sun and peruse the veggie patch, with ocean views beyond the bedroom. 

Inside the store room is a wall of labelled switches and knobs - the engine room of our power system - our old fridge serving as a tool box, various long handled implements, and a rack for the quiver.  

This my friends, is the final post for this season. We are currently under the boundless blue sky of a Western Australian summer, enjoying time in our other simple home. There is all day power and more expensive bananas, soy lattes and stone fruit, and neighbours that don't know our names. We will be back in Indonesia in March or April for season 2013. Thank you for sharing another season in the tropics, I look forward to welcoming you back on the ferry as soon as the trade winds kick in. 

Until then, you can follow our Australian capers at Treacle for Stickybeaks and find a great coffee at Crema and Crumbs.

happy new year 

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