Monday, May 20, 2013

one month down

The humidity today is horrid. Old Testament clouds are building, tempting us with the hope of rain and a relief from the last tendrils of the wet season.  The cold front that swept over the southern half of WA last week pushed up a macking swell, with three days of waves at least triple overhead. Unfortunately for Aquaman, he was suffering a severe bout of the flu and missed the best part of it in bed. Being the water wife that I am, I kept one eye on the patient and the other on the waves, with timely gasps as mountains of white wash crashed down beyond the reef.  

At one stage we made a dash to the clinic for a malaria "rapid test" to be sure it wasn't another case of cerebral nightmare.  They took a second blood sample to check under the microscope that night - when the power came on. With Tom still sleeping and sweating, I called the nurse at home and was relieved to get the all clear. Meanwhile, I spent the weekend hunting for driftwood, drinking tea and gazing at rainbows. 

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