Wednesday, May 15, 2013

RIP Sumba

Many of you have been asking after our dear little fella, Sumba. I am very sad to say that he died two weeks before we returned. He was going along great, living with his adopted family, sleeping with the oldest son in his dirt floor bedroom, and foraging with the other free range animals. Then he contracted some kind of goat flu, and rapidly deteriorated with diarrhoea. An Aussie friend found him back at our house, leaning against the wall, very weak and battling to stand, so he made the decision to put him down. It would have been terrible to see him suffering. Returning back to the house that he filled with such delight was sad, and I miss his funny antics, even if he was getting a bit destructive and rough as he grew into a teenager. 

I'm sorry we had to leave you little mate. Better to have had eight months of loving life than none at all. 
Forever bleating in our hearts.

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