Friday, June 21, 2013

sunset picnic

It is not often we get visitors, so when someone makes the effort to brave the unreliable transport connections and overnight stopovers in Kupang, we are very excited and grateful.  My cousin Jamie has been threatening to come for years, and finally the planets aligned for him and his girlfriend Rachel to escape their busy Sydney lives and spend a week in our island home.  

After a rough start that included six hours waiting in the Denpasar domestic terminal for a delayed flight that was eventually cancelled, an extra night in Bali and a missed connection to a charter flight we had organised, they made it the slow and steady Indo way. Utter boredom and frustration led Jamie to buy the featured tropical print shirt from the airport. Very becoming. 

In between the surf and eating programme, we went on adventures by foot, motorbike and ute to visit our favourite beaches, bush tracks and palm groves. Throw in a few cold beers and a sunset beach picnic and you have a complete holiday. 

Thank you Jamie and Rach for coming all that way to share our simple life. X

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