the remote

Each year as summer surrenders to autumn, my husband Tom and I leave our base in the south-west of Western Australia and travel to our second home. The next eight months are a simple, barefoot existence, living beneath the coconuts in a remote Indonesian village.

the raw

Long time vegetarians, we embraced a raw food diet in January 2007, initially as a two month “cleanse” for our wedding day. We were convinced that this was the way to a more conscious, vibrant life of optimum health. While we may sometimes stray from the path, it is a lifestyle we vehemently believe in. We have journeyed through raw gourmet recipes, and now aspire to high fruit & veg, low fat, "80:10:10". Living raw where there are no supermarkets or vegetarian caf├ęs affords its own challenges, however it is also a celebration of austerity, fresh produce and slow food.

architect, artist & aquaman

Mid-west farm boy discovers surfing and the dye is cast. A life defined by saltwater, the absence of winter and the avoidance of stress is what follows. When surf conditions permit, Tom is an architect, specialising in sustainable, solar passive design and the tropical vernacular. When not sketching the next "surf pod", he can be seen splashing paint on a new surf art canvas (the blog header is one of his paintings). With a perpetual energy for life and an admirable detachment for most things wordly, it can be like living with an enlightened hummingbird.


  1. Hi, I've just stumbled upon your blog while looking for recycled benchtops of all things. I noticed that you underwent a two month raw detox a few years ago. My partner and I are considering a raw fresh juices detox but don't know how long to do it to reap any benefits. Can you shed some light? Do we really have to do it for two months??? Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Kate x

  2. Hi, I blog over at The Juicy Pineapple about island life in the Caribbean and health/wellness. I would like to do a series of Q & A style posts about Island Girls - other women who have moved to an island and the ups and downs of their life there. I was wondering if you would be interested in taking part? Hope to hear from you! Sarahx


thanks for taking the time

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